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The Writing & Speaking for IELTS Masterclass Topics

Topic 1

Vocabulary for IELTS

Topic 2

Structure for IELTS

Topic 3

Topic Development

The lessons listed above are just the start - we’ll have action guides, case studies, vocabulary examples, student work, etc.  
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Here's What Others Are Saying

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Kristin, I got my results!  A 7 in writing and an 8 in speaking!  Thank you again for helping me!



Thank you again for the amazing session!  It was even better than my expectations and the students are crazy about it!


I can't believe it!  I finally got the score I needed to apply for the Dental Council! I'm sure it was your guidance that led me here!



Kristin you are simply great, I would have liked knowing about you earlier!


I received my results and was able to get a 7 in writing which was enough to get my nursing certification!



I just got my result and my speaking was a 7.5, thank you so much for your help!!!