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In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • The Major Shift You Need to Make in order to do your writing and speaking tasks like a native speaker
  • Real Life Examples of Writing and Speaking Samples that you can recreate in your own IELTS writing and speaking preparation
  • The Most Simple & Effective Way to Build your IELTS Vocabulary which dramatically improves your ability to use and remember this important vocabulary
  • The Single BEST Way to Transform Your Writing and Speaking Skills and why you need to know this from when you first begin to do your writing and speaking tasks

Why you really need to learn exactly how to do your IELTS writing and speaking tasks

Did you know that the average score for IELTS writing is 5.5?  The average score for speaking isn't much better, most candidates score around a 6 on their first attempt.

If you are someone who is attempting to immigrate to an English speaking country like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you KNOW that this is an exam you not only have to take, but you've got to NAIL.

If you are looking to study abroad or get into your dream graduate program, you are in the same situation.

Even if you just want a better job, you've got to be able to prove your level of English with IELTS.

And for you, that means you've GOT to get a 7 overall, but it's EXTRA important that you get a 7 on your writing and speaking skills.

Why?  Well, to be frank, it's much easier to prepare for the reading and listening parts of the exam.  But writing and speaking means you actually need to create and produce language and it has to be at an advanced level.

MOST people never make it past a 5.5 or a 6, and those who study REALLY hard get stuck at a 6.5. Time and time again.

We don't want this to be YOUR problem, so I've created this live masterclass to help you learn the 3 secrets I share with my students to help them make major transformation in just a few weeks.


Join me during this free live masterclass to learn exactly how to do this for yourself.



This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

  • You are an IELTS candidate preparing to immigrate to the UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.
  • You are applying for entry to your dream graduate program or you want a better job.
  • You've never taken the IELTS exam before and you have no idea where to start with your IELTS writing and speaking preparation
  • You've taken the IELTS exam before and you are not able to get past a 6.5 in your IELTS writing and/or speaking skills.

A Personal Invitation from Kristin

Hey there!  I'm Kristin Espinar, an IELTS coach turned podcaster who helps IELTS candidates get a 7+ band score in writing and speaking skills.

I'm the creator and host of the Activate Your IELTS podcast where I give free weekly tisp on improving your IELTS writing and speaking skills. 

I've been an ESL and exam prep instructor for 15 years and I've spent 7 years working in official exam assessment on exams like TOEFL and SAT.

I've got a master's degree in Applied Linguistics, so I know exactly how you need to learn language to maximize your results in a short period of time

I've spent most of my adult life learning a second language myself, so I totally get everything you are going through and how you are feeling every step of the way.



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