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 What is the IELTS Writing Correction Service?

My live IELTS coaching helps you get a 7+ band score in your IELTS writing skills.

You will complete a series of essays and receive detailed feedback on your weaknesses and what you need to improve.  

Each essay will receive a detailed report which includes:

  • Identification of areas to improve
  • Error Correction
  • Suggestions
  • IELTS Band Score

This will help you to move past the IELTS exam and achieve your dreams of immigrating to another country, validating your job in another country, studying abroad, or simply proving your level of English.

What is the Problem Most Students Have?

  • Structure
  • Organization
  • Academic or IELTS Vocabulary
  • Grammatical structures (articles, non-count nouns, ect.)

These are some of the most common struggles I see in student's students essays.  Students usually don't know how to build their vocabulary, structure their ideas, and use the kind of grammar that examiners are looking for.  The worst part of it, is that many students have no idea what they are doing wrong or why.

The cost of not improving these weaknesses, means that you are unlikely going to be able to achieve your bigger dreams.  The IELTS exam is what is standing in your way and you need to know what to do to get the 7+ band score that you what, need and deserve.

After completing the IELTS writing correction services with me, students are usually able to understand what they are doing wrong, why they are not getting the score that they need, and what they need to do to improve their score.

Who Is Your Instructor?

Your instructor will be, myself, Kristin Espinar, the creator and host of the popular IELTS podcast Activate Your IELTs: Be Determined.

I have over 13 years of experience teaching ESL and English exam preparation and have additionally spent the last 7 years working in professional assessment for TOEFL.

I have a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and have also spent several years living abroad and teaching.  During my time abroad, I learned a second language (Spanish).  

My  teaching experience, my professional assessment experience, the knowledge I have of second language acquisition theory and techniques along with the actual experience of living abroad and learning a new language gives me the special insight I need to help you get the IELTS band score that you want, need, and deserve.

Top 10 Benefits of IELTS Writing Correction Services

Here are the top ten benefits of joining my IELTS correction services

  1. Identify your weaknesses in IELTS writing.
  2. Understand what you are doing wrong and why
  3. Receive highlighted errors
  4. Receive detailed explanations of errors and areas to improve
  5. Receive a detailed report for each correction
  6. Receive an IELTS band score for each essay
  7. See progress through each essay
  8. The ability to take the suggestions and apply to the next correction
  9. Work with a qualified professional in the field
  10. Feel confident and ready for the exam

Bonus Included

  • Monthly Facebook Live Q&A

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"Great experience, on-time response, detailed report with useful information and links. Looking forward for my next essay!"

-Mohammad, Saudi Arabia

"Kristin is such a great English teacher. I really liked her as a teacher because she really cares for the student and she does her best everyday in order to make you improve by giving immediate feedback."

-Haru, Japan

"Your comments were really helpful, I was quite surprised that you did list all the errors that I made and your comments were truly accurate. Maybe it was my grammatical mistakes that kept me at a 6.5. I will l review and work and thanks for the advice you gave me."

-Ling, Taiwan 



Risk free!  Complete your first correction and if you aren't satisfied you will receive your money back 100%.


The time is now, if you don't start today you might never start.  It's up to you to make the commitment to change and to moving towards your dreams.   Start today.

"I think the IELTS writing correction I received from Kristin is the clearest lesson that I have ever received and I have had many private lessons in the past. Also, Kristin is an inspiration for me because I have a passion for working with people who are professionals and I think she is one of them."


"Before my classes with Kristin, I had zero confidence in my writing. My ideas were disorganized, and messed up the structure of my essays. With her classes, I totally changed! Her’s was the perfect service for me as I could practice at my own pace. Kristin specifically pointed out the things I should improve and study on my own. She also answered my questions on the FB group she made for her students with live videos. I appreciate how active and hands on she is with us, her students. It was the perfect setup for me. At the end of the service, I not only figured out how IELTS writing works, but I improved my writing in general that I can also apply what I learned at work. I started with a 5 band score and I managed to pass my IELTS writing test with a band score of 7. I know that if I had worked even harder and given it more time, with the help of Kristin, I could have scored an 8.5.”"

The Philippines

"“I was able to improve my writing and speaking skills because Kristin pointed out my specific mistakes and told me exactly how to correct them, her step-by-step method of developing the answer is really useful, I felt confident in my test thanks to her help.”"


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